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I was two months premature and I lived in Minnesota until I was 3 years old when my mother moved us to St. Petersburg, FL. I've never known my dad, so it was always just me and my mom. I taught myself how to walk before I ever crawled and I potty trained myself. I was an adorable little girl with good grades and about the most well behaved child anyone could ask for. In first grade, I passed the gifted program test for the top 5% of students, but my records were lost and I didn't find out the results until 4th grade and was immediately enrolled. I frequently made Honor Roll or the Principal's list for good grades and was a Safety Patrol in the 5th grade. I began playing the clarinet in the 4th grade and continued through my junior year of high school when after I was section leader in concert and marching band. I took a school-administered "Florida Writes" assessment test in my sophomore year and was one of only 3 students to make a perfect score.


After several years of occasional right shoulder dislocations, it popped out and stayed out in March of '97 causing severely intense pain and the ambulance had to be called. Unlike some dislocations that are simply annoying, mine turned my arm purple and numb and I was screaming in agony, unable to move. My left arm was gripping my right to steady it as much as possible. The ambulance arrived quickly, but as they were carrying in After I graduated high school, I had shoulder surgery for frequent dislocations (OW!) and after I few months, I started my first full time job at KinderCare learning centers as a teacher for 12-18 month olds. That was quite an experience! After about 5 months, I started working for MCI representing MSN for 2 years and then WebTV. I now work for PrimeCo/Verizon Wireless. My life is pretty much all work right now.


Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington D.C., Tennessee, Georgia, Nevada.
MN: I used to take trips by myself every summer and some winters to Minnesota to see my grandma & grandpa and other family in Minneapolis. I used to ride my bike with my cousin down to see Minnehaha falls and we'd ride the paths all around it. I also loved bringing my grandma sandwiches for us to eat on her lunch break. The biggest fun was when we'd go to "the cabin" that my great aunt and uncle own. It is the greatest place in the world! My cousins and I would have the time of our lives running and jumping off the dock, roasting marshmellows, playing card games in the gazebo, learning how to kneeboard, climbing an old fort, picking raspberries and 100 other fun things to do.
WI: My mother and I would sometimes go to Wisconsin and visit family there, including the great aunt and uncle who own the cabin. My mom's dad and stepmom live there as well as most of the family from my grandma's generation and older.
D.C.: Washington D.C. was a 7th grade fieldtrip, but I arranged it so I could keep going for the next 3 years (as a chaperone for the last 2 trips). I've been on the White House tour twice and I've seen all of the great monuments there! On 2 occasions, I saw Gettysburg where the famous battle of the civil war was. I loved everything and hope to go again some day.
NY: New York city was a senior year trip for people in the drama department. Our teacher used to live there, so she was a pretty good guide. It was March of 1997 and was freezing cold, but Times Square is something you see a hundred times on TV, but it never makes an impact on you until you see it in person! I saw the Statue of Liberty, rode in many taxi cabs and took tons of pictures. You wouldn't believe the amount of grafitti there was!
TN: Gatlinburg, TN was a youth group field trip that I took in 1996 during spring break. We stayed in a great place and saw snow and had snowball fights.
GA: Atlanta, GA was a high school band field trip and we toured the Coca-Cola factory, the place where they make money, the Underground Mall, NBC studios and we saw the Atlanta orchestra.