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Baby wearing a cheesehead I made for her although she is a Broncos fan
Baby looking adorable
Baby chewing on a bone on mom's bed
Baby getting a bath
Baby and Chloe
Baby meeting Chloe for the first time

Baby is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier born on February 17th, 1989 to mom "Costa Pretty Penny" and dad "Paida Handsome Buck." She was owned for the first year of her life by a friend of mom's named Jim Campbell. We fell in love with her instantly and since he was not able to spend much time with her, he gave her to us. He is gone now, but he has done the most wonderful deed possible by giving her to us, because she has brought us so much love and happiness!

Baby is wonderfully expressive. She knows exactly how to let us know how she feels about anything. Baby once thought mom left her outside when she, in fact, just walked away for a minute (from a small fenced area) to check the laundry and Baby marched in the house and tilted her head to the side, parted her lips slightly and gave mom the stare of a lifetime! It was a paws-on-the-hips, foot tapping look that told my mom exactly what she'd done wrong and mom had to make it up to her for days. In the picture above to the left, Baby's look is of pure humiliation for having to wear a cheesehead. Baby has ALWAYS been a Broncos fan and we are Packers fans, so we decided to make her a cheesehead to taunt her, but after seeing that little sweetheart's sad face, we took it off.

Baby loves swimming (see the picture below!), sniffing, being outside and most of all TUNA FISH CANS! Mom will make her sandwiches for lunch and give Baby the remains in the can. Baby will come running from any room in the house when she hears that can opener! In fact, she is so eager to lick every last piece out of the can that she quite often chokes and has breathing problems for a few seconds, but she'll immediately dive back into the bowl! We've given a couple loving nicknames over the years such as; Fluffybutt, Turd bucket on a stick, Turkey and Beebee and we talk "baby" talk to her all the time.

Mom and Baby in the pool

Baby at our old house

Baby in mom's pajamas
Baby in mom's pajamas!

Baby's butt
Baby's "Fluffybutt"
Baby Xmas
Baby, Christmas '98!