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Chloe logo

Chloe and Baby
Baby meeting Chloe for the first time, 12-18-98

Chloe chewing
Fancy pants
Chloe cute
Chloe chewing on my hand, 12-98
Tugging on my skirt, Spring '99
Chloe wearing her "Fancy Pants," summer '99
Chloe looking cute in our backyard, 12-98

Chloe chewing
Chloe helping me with Christmas presents in 1998

I walked into my local Animal House store last December and strolled on into the puppy section to see the cute little yapping dogs and almost instantly fell in love with Chloe. She was a tiny, 2 1/2 pound dog that stayed still in my arms and would carefully trot around the playing area and chew on my shoelaces. The pupils of her eyes are royal blue if you catch them in the right light and she gave such soft little puppy kisses! I loved her so much I had to put down a deposit that night! She could not be released yet due to some shots that she needed, but they told me I could get her December 18.

In the mean time, I broke the news to mom that I'd be bringing hom a new puppy and she was kind of upset that I would do that without asking her first, but I had her at least go down to see her. Mom fell in love, too! The people at Animal House suggested a cage for training which we thought seemed pretty cruel, but it actually turned out to be a geat idea. We were introducing a new dog into a house that already had a dog, so it was perfect for keeping them apart and safe. Neither Baby or Chloe is mean or agressive, but Baby has snapped at Chloe before after Chloe has jumped on her a few times. Chloe can be a little annoying to Baby since she has so much energy and tries to play all the time. Chloe also had many accidents for months although we walk her constantly, so the cage also kept our carpet clean and being a puppy, she chews on everything, so the cage has saved our furniture as well.

New Years
New Years
Chloe in my friend Kelly's lap on New Years Eve, 1998

Chloe's feet
Chloe had her deux claws surgically removed, so her little feet have red bandages on them. Deux claws are the little double toes that hang off the leg like where the thumb is on our hand. The vet recommended I get those removed since she could get them caught on something and they could bleed a lot. She was spayed at the same time, so my poor little puppy had to spend a whole night away from us! She didn't seem to be in pain, so I am glad for that.