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Jannie's Hamsters!
Hamster on wheel

The hamsters getting a bath!
The hamsters getting a bath!
From left: Ethel, Snaggletooth & Fat Bastard

Fat Bastard is my favorite hamster! She was identical to her sisters for months, but all of a sudden, around June of '99, she became huge. She is about twice the size of other hamsters and about 1 1/2 times as big as her scrawny roommate, Snaggletooth. She tolerates being held more than any of the others and she's just the cutest little furball! FAT BASTARD'S ESCAPE: Sometime around September, I put Fat Bastard in another cage while I was getting her a new one and I thought I had hamster-proofed it but the little stinkers amaze me time and time again. It was a wonderful roomy wire cage, but she managed to squeeze out. I checked everywhere, but after about an hour I decided to wake up my mom and have her help look. We looked and looked, but reluctantly went to bed after a few hours (it was about 4 AM). I left little water & food dishes out for her hoping she would stay alive. By chance, my uncle called the next morning said his son (my cousin) used to have hamsters and they always hid under the couch. We'd never tried looking there, so we thought we'd give it a shot. Mom and I turned the couch over and there she was sleeping!! I grabbed her up immediately and we kissed her about 100 times! I love her so much!
Fat Bastard

Fat Bastard 2
Fat Bastard 3
Fat Bastard 4

Snaggletooth is a cute hamster with a tooth problem. Unfortunately, her top and bottom teeth don't touch each other in her mouth which is what keeps hamster teeth the right length, so they keep growing. I'd never really looked into her mouth when I first got her, so I never noticed this until one day when I saw her left cheek bleeding. I separated her from Fat Bastard and kept and eye on her for a few hours and she still was bloody and it looked there was new blood on her cheek. I saw her yawn and her left bottom tooth had grown so long it had curved up and pierced her top cheek!! I raced her in to the vet and he clipped both bottom teeth and saw that the top teeth had also curled under and pierced the roof of her mouth!! Luckily, it hadn't gone very far or else that could have killed her! I have to trim her teeth with nail clippers every 2 weeks or so to keep them down. Snaggletooth also used to lick her fur off which is why her tail looks so funny in the picture. There was nothing wrong with her and she kept doing it for about 6 months, but all of a sudden, she let it grow back. No change in shavings or food or environment, so it is a mystery. I raced her into the vet again about that, but the vet confirmed she was just licking it off and since she in perfect health, there was nothing to worry about. Odd little furball.

Snaggletooth 2


Ethel Sleeping
Ethel on the counter
R.I.P. - Ethel was my one golden hamster. I got her in the first week of December 1998 - she was my very 1st hamster! Poor thing must have been in a fight before I got her since her left ear was ripped. I originally got a pair of females and named them Lucy and Ethel, but Lucy was mean and would chase Ethel around biting at her butt and it got worse as the first week of having them ended since it turned out that Ethel was pregnant. She was bleeding a little in her private place, so I thought that Lucy had finally harmed her so I separated them immediately. I had to go to a football game that night, but just before I left, I noticed a tiny, pink little baby moving it's tiny little paws in her cage! Ethel was busy shredding wood shavings and making a nest. I was so happy I showed my mom and we both marveled at the tiny baby. A few hours later, when I came back from the game, I noticed the baby wasn't moving. Ethel was still shredding wood and piling a nest. Her baby died and it must have been hard for her to take. I cried and cried and cried over that and so did mom. I made the baby a cross out of clothespins and buried her in the front yard. In September 2000, I noticed her bottom was a little bloody. I took her into the vet and they gave some antibiotic medicine, but her bottom got worse and worse. Her kidneys were failing and she was filling up with water inside. I took her to the vet again and they recommended I put her down immediately because she was suffering. It was October 10th, 2000. My poor Ethel. I miss her so much.

R.I.P. - Psycho was a bit insane as you might have guessed from her name. I first had her in the same cage as her sisters, Fat Bastard and Snaggletooth, but she would start fights with them all the time in the middle of the night (their awake time). The other 2 would fight back and oddly enough, Psycho would end up with the scratches! I quickly got her a cage for herself and she would just pace one wall of it for hours and she would add a little jump every time when she'd get to the right. Pace left, pace right, hop, pace left, pace right, hop... she did better on her own. She loved her hamster wheel and never liked being held. Any time I tried to pick her up she'd hurl herself out of my hands. She died in February of unknown causes. I miss her.

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