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Jannie's Mice

My 4 mice
Mouse 2
Mouse 3

What can I say about my mice? I got them about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago at a pet store from the about-to-be-snake-food bin. They're most likely related, females and all pure white. I cannot tell them apart, so I didn't name them. When one dies, I found out that the others will bury her after taking a few nibbles out of her side first. I would not recommend a mouse as a pet to anyone because they're messy and don't like to to be held much. They also bite at me when I clean their cage (my hamsters don't). To be fair, some people apparently train mice and think they're great as pets. I don't doubt this at all, I guess since mine are most likely inbred, it affected their mannerisms and the ones I have aren't great pets.