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Rabbit with a carrot

Rabbit sniffing
Rabbit blinking
He Blinked
Rabbit in his cage
Rabbit trying to escape

I got Rabbit Spring of '99 as a baby that they told me was a dwarf rabbit. Rabbit grew to be a full grown rabbit, but he is still cute as ever! He is pure white and has soft white fur. Mom and my stepdad give him fresh lettuce and carrots every day that he loves very much. Rabbit enjoys hopping in circles in his cage and kicking out the pine shavings onto the floor. He also loves trying to pull his water bottle into his cage making lots of noise doing it. Rabbit has big pink eyes that have a dark pink center. He is a great rabbit, but you have to be very careful when petting him that he doesn't latch onto your arm and "go at it." He's an "anxious" little boy.