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HOW THE SHOW BEGAN (Warning, this is my own opinion):
The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a "B" movie that came out in 1975 starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O'Brien, Little Nell, Patricia Quinn, Jonathan Adams, Charles Gray, Peter Hinwood and Meat Loaf. The movie did not do very well at the box office wen released, but amazingly, started to attract quite a following of young people it started to be played primarily as a midnight movie. The same people would see the movie over and over again and even bring their friends. It was soon after that people would assume a role and pretend to be that character and finally someone actually came to a showing completely dressed as Frank. From then on, others wore handmade costumes and acted out the movie on the stage and it went from there. Props were brought such as rice for the wedding scene, candles for "There's a Light," toast for when Frank says, "A toast" and so on. People who worked in banks, gas stations, offices or restaurants all could come and play a part in a wild and outrageous show every Saturday night at midnight. It was and still is a great release from everyday life and you get to meet a lot of interesting people. Even 25 years later, it is still going on today.

I saw my first show in April of 1996 when an ex-boyfrind of mine took me and a couple friends. I was instantly fascinated with the show I and decided I HAD to go every week! I'd never heard of the show before and never seen a man dressed as a woman, so it was all quite an awesome shock, really, but I loved it! I drooled over Frank and thought he was a god (I was hooked) and knew I loved the part of Magenta right away and went home and practiced the part about 1,000 times and glued together a costume (yes glued).

I "got my break" when I was needed as an emergency fill-in for Magenta a few weeks later (in June of '96) and I became lead and I also won understudy Frank at the next auditions. I LOVED Magenta, but the part of lead Frank came open several months later, so I became lead Frank around September of 1996 and I loved it just as much. It was great getting to play a that part, but I was always at a disadvantage because I am a 5'4" female.

You couldn't tear me away from a show and I try to get every movement right and I can safely say that I'm the most anal-retentive person on the cast. I've played every character in the movie at least once due to "switch nights" and emergency fill-ins and my favorites are still Frank and Magenta. I'm actually very "normal" looking outside of the whiteface and I love the spotlight every Saturday night!

I was also fortunate enough to win LEAD Magenta for the huge annual Tampa Theatre Halloween show in 1998, 1999 (and 2000!) as well as Dinner scene Frank in 1997. That show averages over 1,000 people and I've heard it is one of the biggest RHPS Halloween shows in the world.

Me as Magenta at the theatre, 2000
As Magenta in "takeover" costume, 1997
Me as Magenta and Carrie as Columbia, 1999
Traci and me during "Toucha-Me", 2000
Traci, Ed and me Sha-la-la-ing, 2000
Me flinging my hair after hairsraying it, 1999
Me and Ed during a show, 2000
Scott and me at Universal Studios, 1999
Scott and me at my mom's house, 2000
Scott and I during the Tampa Theatre lab scene, 2000
Tampa Theatre cast, 2000 - Can you spot me?

As Frank wearing a bra, 1998
A closeup of me in Frank makeup, 1997
As Frank just before floorshow, 1998
Outside before the show, 1998

Me as Columbia, 1999
As Columbia, 1997
Me as Columbia, Scott as Magenta and Ed as Frank

Me as Riff-Raff on a switch night, 2000

Me with the Rocky Horror fan club president, Sal Piro! 1998
The Lips Plaque I made in 1997
Transsexual, Transylvania town that I made in 1997

The Rocky Cast I am in is called "Interchangeable Parts"

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