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Me as Magenta
October 1998

ME as Magenta!
Patricia Quinn
Patricia Quinn

This was me at a Tampa Theatre rehearsal October 1998. It is just before the takeover scene where Riff Raff and Magenta burst into the floor show song, "Wild and and Untamed Thing" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and hold Dr. Frank N Furter at "lazer-point." Patricia Quinn is Magenta in the movie and she is pictured in a scene several minutes later in the movie with Riff Raff, another character played by Richard O'Brien (the creator of the The Rocky Horror Picture Show). I made the wig I am wearing using a "Marge Simpson" wig as a base and I covered it with 2 old man, brown beards sold at party stores and sprayed the hell out of it with fabric stiffener. I used white cotton from packages of "spider webs" also sold at party stores for the white streaks up the sides. I have been told it is one of the most acurate Magenta takeover wigs ever!